Morton "Wayne" Boston

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I am happily married to my lovely wife Shelley Boston. We have three lovely adult women and seven grandkids. My family is my strength and my sounding board for my ideas and plans. I grew up in Houston, TX with all my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins on both sides of my family. My father moved us to Denbigh subdivision in Newport News, VA in 1978. My teen-age years were full of fun riding dirt bike, BMX bicycles, skateboard, building bridges and tree forts. I did not grow up in a household that discuss money and investments. I can’t blame anyone for my lack of knowledge in the financial arena. As I matured from an adolescent to an adult, I had two wishes. My first wish, was to make money as I slept. After years of study, I found something very close to it. The item is legal and few use it effectively to help them reach their future financial goals. The item I found is called compounded interest.

Albert Einstein himself said, “Compounded interest is the eighth wonder of the world, those who know it earn it…….. those who don’t…… it”. Some of us might have already known this, but this book will take you from where you are and broaden your understanding. My second wish, I wish I had someone to help me navigate the world of investing. This is such an important thing that it should be taught throughout as a course some time before High School in my opinion. I never found an investment buddy, so I studied to make myself my own financial buddy.

Everyone is required to attend preschool, middle school and high school, but I received no financial education at all and I didn’t even know the spending power you have from not spending money or saving money. It took me some time to realize I no longer have spending power once you spend it.  I took a moment to think that over my lifetime that I would have generated and spent over 3 million dollars. I have done very little at this point in my life to build my savings and retirement, so I started taking a deeper look into growing my financial literacy when Barack Obama was running for President in 2008. Without proper management and learning how to make your money grow, you could end up having no money for retirement. I endeavor to help you think about your money in a different way and suggest strategic purchases and use compounded interest to exponentially grow your Nest Egg to fund your retirement.

I loved mathematics, so I attended Thomas Nelson Community College and graduated with an Applied Associated Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I graduated a few years later from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Apprentice School in Hampton, VA. While working for NASA as a Non Destructive Testing Specialist, I was recognized for 6 NASA Suggestion Award, 5 Group Achievement Awards and one of my joint inventions was published in the NASA Tech Brief magazine. I continued my education and obtained a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University. I have taken numerous graduate classes in Systems Engineering and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) program. I have spent several years studying financial material and the Stock Market to grow my knowledge and understanding. I started my understanding of investing during the resent Stock Market crash of March 2009. This was a turbulent time to start learning, but it was also the best time to learn from being thrown into chaos. It has been said that we learn the most from our mistakes. I have made several over the last 10 years as an investment trader, but I have also gained new perspectives and I created a framework to make better future decisions. I will share what I learned as you read further.


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